Providing relief to low- and middle-class Oklahomans

Oklahoma lawmakers are pushing proposals that would significantly cut state revenue. Rather than cutting taxes, lawmakers must make investments in everyday Oklahomans and protect the state’s long-term fiscal health.

Lawmakers again want to cut the state’s corporate income tax, which benefits wealthy, out-of-state companies while providing no relief for local business owners. It was just last session that lawmakers cut the corporate income tax by 33%, and now they want to reduce it more – or even eliminate it.

The state’s business leaders say that workforce development – not tax reforms – is what they need; hurting state revenue through tax cuts will not create a better workforce. And more revenue losses would keep Oklahoma from positioning our state as a destination for businesses and families.

Other tax cuts proposed this session include more cuts to the state’s personal income tax — a move that again favors the top 1% of wealthy Oklahomans while providing virtually no benefit to everyday Oklahomans.

It’s important for Oklahoma voters to remember that every tax cut results in lost state revenue that will likely never return because Oklahoma has the nation’s most stringent requirements to raise new revenue.

It doesn’t take a long memory for Oklahomans to recall years of budget shortfalls that hurt our schools, kept us from building and maintaining roads and bridges, closed daycares, reduced public safety, and repeatedly slashed funding for vital state services.

Revenue cuts are bad for the economy

Economists estimate that every $1 cut from state spending takes $1.50 out of our state and local economies. These cuts cost Oklahoma jobs, cause people to move out of state, and reduce the amount of money being spent in our communities.

Your voice can help stop these dangerous revenue cuts. Using the tools we’ve provided here, you can contact lawmakers to tell them to protect state revenue and stop these tax cuts.

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